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How to Write a Privacy Policy (With 3 Sample References)

The Importance of Privacy Policies in Today’s Data-Centric Landscape It’s no secret that data is now the most valuable asset worldwide. With nearly all organizations relying on some form of data to fuel their business, consumers and policy makers have started highlighting the need to more transparent about how they collect, use, store, and transmit […]

Mistakes Businesses Make When Preparing for Pandemics like Coronavirus

The Global Impact of COVID-19 It’s been nearly two months since China confirmed an outbreak of a novel coronavirus, COVID-19, in Wuhan. With over 93,000 confirmed cases reported globally, including more than 200 in the United States, countries across the globe have started to feel the impact of the virus. Industries like manufacturing, farming, travel, […]

Stay Secure With These Intrusion Detection and Protection Techniques

Does your organization have robust processes and procedures in place to identify and contain threats in your environment? Are you confident that these processes can prevent security incidents and data breaches caused by common attack methods like malware, ransomware, DoS attacks, phishing attacks, and more? Establishing a strong intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS) – […]