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CellarStone Completes GDPR Audit

Half Moon Bay, CA – CellarStone, a provider of systems, solutions, and services focused on incentive management, PaaS application development, and data integration, today announced that it has completed its GDPR audit. This audit verifies that CellarStone, in its role as a processor, has implemented safeguards that meet the protections required by GDPR and its data protection program is operating with sufficient effectiveness to provide reasonable assurance that the privacy, security, confidentiality, and integrity of personal information is protected.

What is Mobile Application Penetration Testing?

What is mobile application penetration testing and how could it secure your organization? If you want to avoid the consequences of a compromised mobile application while working with an expert ethical hacker, learn about KirkpatrickPrice’s mobile application pen testing services now.

How to Scale Your Information Security Program as You Grow

As an assurance firm, we know that a business built with an information security program at the foundation has an advantage because a business process or IT solution is so hard to change once it becomes core to the enterprise and its operation. Learn why startups need to build a scalable information security program now.

What is Network Penetration Testing?

Is your organization defending its network from cyber threats? Are you performing network penetration testing to validate your security efforts? Learn what network penetration testing is, and if you should you be doing internal or external network pen tests now.