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Why Bother with an Information Security Program?

When headlines about companies like Capital One, Imperva, Marriott, Target, or Home Depot becoming victims of a data breach are released, we understand why small and medium size businesses start wondering if their efforts put towards an information security audit are worth it. If enterprise-level companies and household names can’t protect themselves, why should startups […]

Amendments to TITEPA: Breach Notification and Privacy in Texas

Organizations are experiencing increasing commercial pressure from their business customers and individual consumers to provide timely, clear, and adequate breach notification. Now, organizations are facing increasing regulatory pressure to provide timely, clear, and adequate breach notification. One of the most recent regulatory changes apply to the Texas Identity Theft Enforcement and Protection Act (TITEPA). These […]

Lessons Learned from the Imperva Data Breach

In August 2019, a third-party bug bounty discovered a data breach that exposed email addresses, hashed and salted passwords, API keys, and TLS keys for a subset of Imperva’s, a leading provider of Internet firewall services, cloud WAF users. This proves that no matter the vendor, you must perform your due diligence to ensure your […]

Lessons Learned from Capital One’s Incident Response Plan

There were many missteps that led to the Capital One breach, but what’s the one thing that went as planned? From our perspective, Capital One’s incident response plan seemed to function as intended. Incident response is incredibly important following a breach – that’s why having a plan and team in place is required by so […]

Sigstr’s Commitment to Security: The SOC 2 Journey

Sigstr helps the world’s best marketers do amazing things with their employees’ emails. The average person spends 6.3 hours in their inbox every day. Sigstr gives marketers the ability to serve targeted ads to their audience where they’re spending the majority of their time: the inbox. This connectivity between Sigstr and email clients presents information […]