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Coronavirus Hits Healthcare’s Cyber Readiness

Healthcare organizations all around the world are fighting the coronavirus pandemic, but they are fighting more than just the virus. While the healthcare industry is focused on public health and patient care, hackers are taking this opportunity to target them with all types of cyber attacks. Has the lack of cyber readiness finally caught up […]

Privacy Concerns During the Coronavirus

How does privacy law come into play when a pandemic hits? Do the rules change? How do business associates and covered entities know when and where they can share PHI related to the pandemic? Let’s discuss so that you know the impact to your organization. HIPAA Privacy Rule and Pandemics The HHS recently released a […]

Combining PCI and HIPAA Audits

We get a lot of questions about PCI and HIPAA audits. There’s legislation and complicated requirements behind these frameworks, so what happens when your company is required to obtain both types of compliance? Are you able to consolidate both audits into one project? KirkpatrickPrice has developed the Online Audit Manager to make it easier to […]

Combining SOC 1 and PCI Audits

When a breach occurs in the financial services industry, it costs the compromised organization $210 per breached record – which is why we get a lot of questions about SOC 1 and PCI audits from organizations in the financial services industry. How can you protect your data from threats? Should your company complete both audits? […]

Why Fintech Should Focus on Availability

Robinhood, an investing and trading platform, experienced every startup’s nightmare: service outages at a crucial time, leaving frustrated customers unable to trade. TechCrunch explains, “It’s perhaps the worst-timed bug in the history of the seven-year-old company, because it coincided with one of the biggest single-day gains in the history of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, […]