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Dangers of XSS Attacks at Healthcare Organizations

In October 2019, Citizen Times reported that Mission Health, North Carolina’s sixth-largest health system and HCA Healthcare’s North Carolina Division, had disclosed a data breach caused by a cross-site scripting (XSS) attack. This attack, which injected malicious scripts into Mission Health’s e-commerce web application, wasn’t found for three years. Fortunately, the e-commerce site didn’t impact […]

20 Ways MSPs Can Be Security Heroes

The role of an MSP is an important one. MSPs want to help their clients create and maintain a strong security posture – that’s why, as an MSP, your clients come to you with information security problems that need to be fixed, ranging from disaster recovery to risk assessment services. Who finds those problems? Auditors […]

Best Practices for Privilege Management in AWS

Could what happened at Capital One happen at your organization? That depends on your commitment to cloud security. This breach could happen to any organization that’s not educated on AWS vulnerabilities and best practices. We’ve talked about how security misconfigurations played a role in Capital One’s breach, but now let’s discuss how privilege management contributed […]

Best Practices for Configuring Your AWS Perimeter

Could what happened at Capital One happen at your organization? As a business owner, stakeholder, or IT personnel, that’s the unavoidable fear that appears when you hear about the latest data breach. The Capital One data breach is one of the most damaging data breaches of 2019, and we’ll continue to learn about the repercussions […]

AWS Security for S3 and EC2

Best Practices for AWS Security AWS brings new opportunities for businesses to innovate, build, and grow – but what about the data in the cloud? Is it protected? How likely is it to be compromised? The 2019 Cloud Adoption and Risk Report from McAfee reports that the sharing of sensitive data in the cloud is […]