Where a Breach Happens: Threats to the Hospitality Industry

Where a Breach Happens: Threats to the Hospitality Industry

Securing the Hospitality Industry

The success of a hotel, resort, or casino depends on guests feeling safe. That’s why, in the hospitality industry, cybersecurity and physical security go hand-in-hand. Any insecure access point, like security systems, power supply, security cameras, or HVAC systems, are fair game to a hacker.

A cybersecurity attack on your security systems can be a major downfall for your business. If a hacker has control of your automatic doors, is there a business continuity plan that establishes how guests and staff can get in and out of the property? How secure are your keycards and door locks? What is the protocol if your security cameras go dark? In this white paper, we’ll discuss three major areas of concern that those in the hospitality industry must take into consideration when securing their sensitive assets: the front desk, amenities, and rooms and suites.

The Front Desk: A Gateway for Breaches

The gateway to any hotel or resort is the front desk. There is always an employee ready to help guests with whatever they need. The front desk poses several major risk areas, including the computer system, the phone, the card readers, and the employees themselves. For example, think about the impact an attack on a hotel’s point-of-sale would cause. Attacks on POS systems are one of the most common among the hospitality industry, accounting for 90% of all breaches. Why? In a single hotel, there’s multiple POS terminals and no established best practices for protecting them. A resort, for example, not only has several front desks, but is also home to restaurants, gift shops, spas, bars, etc. Each of these amenities will have multiple POS terminals, giving hackers ample opportunity to infect the POS system with malware. Once they’re into that system, they can skim the data processed through that terminal or even gain access to a much larger database. But attacks on POS systems aren’t the point of entry malicious individuals use to gain access to sensitive information. Are you ready to learn how you can secure your business?

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