What is it?

Retaining client trust is fundamentally based on mitigating potential risks/threats to the operability and credibility of your organization. KirkpatrickPrice’s Assurance Services provide you with the peace-of-mind that you’re meeting your information security and regulatory compliance responsibilities. If you handle sensitive data (client/customer data, credit card information, patient information, etc.) you may be required to conduct regular audits, penetration tests, and other audit procedures in order to maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations. KirkpatrickPrice has made it our number one priority to engage you and perform a thorough assessment and audit of your organization’s security and compliance controls and provide pre-audit guidance when necessary. We will assess, guide, monitor, and test to mature your controls. We most commonly deliver SOC 1, SOC 2, PCI, HIPAA, HITRUST CSF, GDPR, ISO 27001, FISMA, and CFPB assurance reports.

KirkpatrickPrice Innovation


Streamline the audit process with our unique Online Audit Manager.

KirkpatrickPrice Integrity


Gain a competitive advantage along with trust and respect from your clients.

KirkpatrickPrice Delivered


Validate your compliance with multiple industry regulations.

How do we do it?

Whether your security requirements are mandated by federal law, industry, or your clients, KirkpatrickPrice is fully prepared to help take you through the audit process. By utilizing our unique online methodology, our auditors will test your controls against multiple audit frameworks, including custom controls developed by our clients, and provide remediation guidance when necessary. We utilize our online portal to work through as much of the audit process as possible prior to conducting the onsite visit. Our approach minimizes the cost and disruption typically associated with extended onsite audits and maximizes the efficient use of all resources working on the audit. Our portal consolidates similar questions across multiple frameworks so that you only need to provide the data once. When combined with our senior level auditors, our approach will result in a comprehensive audit program that assess, guides, monitors, tests, and matures your organization’s controls to concurrently address a number of frameworks.

Why KirkpatrickPrice?

We want to be your trusted provider of innovative security guidance and efficient audit services. KirkpatrickPrice’s mission is to educate, empower, and inspire you to greater levels of assurance by partnering with us to achieve challenging compliance goals. KirkpatrickPrice is a PCI QSA and licensed CPA firm, registered with the PCAOB, providing assurance services to over 600 clients in more than 48 states, Canada, Asia, and Europe. We only employ senior level auditors and our firm has over 13 years of experience in information security and compliance assurance by performing assessments and audits that strengthen information security and compliance controls.