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Compliance is complicated. Make sure you’re doing it right.





Implementing a security program is overwhelming.

When you partner with KirkpatrickPrice’s Advisory Services team, they’ll be the expert your team has been missing so you can make sure your security controls are designed to properly secure your organization.



Advisory Services FAQs

  • What is the difference between audit services and advisory services at KirkpatrickPrice?

    Advisory Services are those specific topical services at KirkpatrickPrice that provide guidance and expertise related to the documentation, implementation, or remediation of best practice information security controls.  Audit Services are those activities, including policy review and testing, against a specific audit framework to create an audit report.

  • What are some of the services offered by Advisory Services at KirkpatrickPrice?

    KirkpatrickPrice Advisory Services offers both tactical and strategic offerings.  Some strategic offerings include development of Risk Assessment, Incident Response, and Business Continuity Planning programs.  Additionally, we offer a Fractional CISO engagement to assist companies in standing up or restarting an information security program.  Other services include Gap Remediation, On-Demand Expertise, Incident Response Testing, and Information Security Policy writing.

  • What qualifications and certifications do KirkpatrickPrice consultants hold?

    KirkpatrickPrice information security consultants have a wide range of certifications in information security practice including:  CISSP, QSA, CRISC, CEH, ISO Lead Auditor, CISA, HCISSP, and others.  The average experience of an information security consultant at KirkpatrickPrice is 15+ years.

  • How do KirkpatrickPrice information security experts engage with clients?

    Our consultants are flexible to meet the diverse needs of our clients.  We can accomplish many required interactions with virtual meetings or through email exchanges, but we have found that the highest quality interactions happen face to face with our clients where appropriate and relevant.

  • How much do Advisory Services cost at KirkpatrickPrice?

    We take a value-based approach to pricing at our firm.  When you engage with us, you will be working directly with a seasoned, experienced, and credentialed consultant with a wide range of experience not only in information security, but in multiple industries and business processes and functions.

Partner with an expert to meet your organization’s unique security needs.


We believe if you are going to build a security program, it should be done right.

Quality Testing

Quality Testing

Assurance doesn’t come from a checklist. It requires a diligent examination of your unique environment from trusted cybersecurity experts to know your controls are effective.  Be sure your audit gives you the results you deserve.

Innovative Solutions

Compliance can’t be put on autopilot. Direct communication with a dedicated team of security professionals assures that you are building the security and compliance that is right for your organization’s unique needs.


Experienced Auditors

Confidence comes from experience. Our auditors have been in the industry, in your exact positions, and are passionate about making sure your audit is successful and maybe even fun. And they have a lot of certifications.


Hit Your Deadlines

On-time delivery is a given. Everyone has different deadlines, but our process will make sure you meet yours. When you partner with KirkpatrickPrice, you’ll never have to sacrifice quality because of a deadline.

Get started today.

At KirkpatrickPrice, you’ll have a partner guide you from audit readiness to final report so you get the assurance you deserve.

Determine Your Needs

Whether you’ve never been through an audit or completed hundreds, our experts will prepare and empower you to successfully start and complete your audit. Our advisors are prepared to help your organization accomplish any security or compliance goal, wherever you may be in that process.

Partner with an Expert

Gain an accountability partner who cares about helping you meet your goals. Our security experts have been in your shoes and know how overwhelming compliance can be. Your dedicated specialist will make sure that whatever goals you have set, you have the resources and support to meet them.

Show off your report

Meet Your Goals

Building a security program is complicated, but we’ll make sure it’s worth it. By the end of the process, you will be proud of the work you did and know that it will make a difference in gaining new clients, staying compliant, and protecting your people. Meet your goals with the help your specialized advisory team.


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