Continuous Penetration Testing

Point in time knowledge only solves temporary issues.




Is your security up to date?

Security is only attainable if approached from a dynamic state. Security requires constant effort and continuous analysis. With attack tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) constantly evolving, organizations need to stay vigilant. Not only are TTPs developing at a rapid speed, so is the world of technology. With environments updating regularly, one minor change could alter your security posture in a moment. When undergoing an annual or bi-annual penetration test, chances are, the gaps may not be identified until your next assessment. You can’t control outside threats, but you can control what you know about your environment and its capability to endure an attack.

To combat point in time, static knowledge, we offer continuous testing as a solution. Instead of just one test a year, our expert pen testers will continuously inspect and assess your most valuable assets. With no clock or restrictions placed on our pen testers, continuous penetration testing is one of our more realistic simulated attacks. Hackers never sleep. Why should your security?

Discover your vulnerabilities before an attacker does.

We believe your company’s work is far too valuable to lose everything in a cyber-attack. You deserve a partner who will help you face today’s advanced and persistent threats. 

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Stop reacting – gain full visibility of your organization’s weak spots and secure them before an attacker takes advantage of your organization’s hard work. That work deserves to be realistically tested by an advanced expert and protected with confidence. With KirkpatrickPrice, stop feeling vulnerable and choose to become fortress, unstoppable in your business goals.

Here’s how to get started:

Make an attack plan

Make an attack plan

Partner with an expert to get a custom game plan on what you should test and how to execute your attack simulation. Our penetration testers begin by gaining initial knowledge of your attack surface and infrastructure assets, which reveals a clear path for the engagement.

Test your security

Experience how your security defenses respond during a simulated cyber attack by an advanced ethical hacker. Our penetration testers will use their expertise and intuition to assess your attack surface and discover any vulnerabilities within your security stance.

Fortify your defenses

Fortify your defenses

After the exploit, our professional writing team will deliver a report that gives insight into any vulnerabilities discovered and expert guidance on how to remediate them. After remediation, our team will retest to assure that you’ve fortified your defenses and attack surface.

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  • How much does a penetration test cost?

    Pricing for a penetration test depends on scoping factors, including business applications, technology platforms, physical locations, and other environment aspects. Pricing will coincide with the amount of time needed for the engagement, as well as how many experts are needed to complete it. 

  • What is continuous penetration testing?

    Continuous penetration testing is the term to describe penetration testing on a continuous and regular cadence. This form of penetration testing is used by organizations who take their security posture seriously. 

  • What is the penetration testing process?

    During penetration testing, our experts gain initial knowledge by researching an organization’s infrastructure assets. They follow a methodology derived from various sources, including the OSSTMM, Information Systems Audit Standards, CERT/CC, the SANS Institute, NIST, and OWASP. After interpreting the results, they will use manual techniques, human intuition, and years of experience to attack the vulnerabilities found. After the exploitation, our professional writing team will send you a comprehensive report with a narrative explaining the testing techniques, vulnerabilities exposed, and guidance for remediation action steps.  

  • How long does a penetration test take to complete?

    Every penetration test is different. Depending on the scope of your environment, time spent testing may vary. The average penetration test takes two to three weeks. The entire engagement including kick off, scoping, access and whitelisting, research, attack, report writing, vulnerability remediation, retest, and final report averages around two to three months.  

  • What do I receive when my penetration test is complete?

    After a penetration test, our professional writing team will work with your tester to write a comprehensive report with a narrative explaining the testing techniques, vulnerabilities exposed, and guidance for remediation action steps.  

  • Why perform continuous penetration testing?

    Security is cyclical and environments are constantly changing. A standard penetration test is only a snapshot of what the security posture of your application or network had at the time of testing. If you want to take your security to the next level, continuous penetration testing is a more realistic approach to attack simulation. 

  • How often does a penetration test need to be performed?

    For various auditing frameworks the time frames range from every six months to a year. As cybersecurity experts, we know that security is cyclical and suggest a continuous testing approach to testing. Depending on an organization’s level of security maturity, penetration test recurrence could vary. 

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