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Choose the tool that delivers the audit you deserve.

There are so many audit tools promising ease and assurance, but how do you know which tool is right for you and your organization? We believe if you’re going to use a compliance tool, it should be the one from a licensed security auditor that can actually deliver the audit you need.

The Online Audit Manager, the industry’s first compliance platform, simplifies your audit process by tracking real-time progress for current and future audits. Your entire team will be able to complete readiness tasks, upload documentation, and track audit progress, all in one dynamic communication and cross-framework evidence gathering platform.

You’ll be able to prepare for and complete an audit all with one trustworthy tool.

A Better Way to Complete an Audit


There are so many tools that promise automated audit readiness and compliance. But do they actually give you what you want?

Is it really easier to use a tool that’s going to miss something?

Is it really easier to work with multiple firms instead of one?

Is it really faster to not work with your audit firm from the beginning?

Is it really cheaper to pay for two different firms’ services?

Is it really better to conduct your audit in a tool made by a software developer instead of an experienced audit team/licensed CPA firm?

Is it really better to complete your audit without expert guidance?

We understand you want an audit tool that will make your life easier.

That’s why we created the Online Audit Manager, the world’s first compliance platform, to bring you both technological innovation and direct interaction with a certified auditor.

The OAM will get you ready to successfully complete an audit and connect you with an audit expert who understands just how overwhelming the audit process can be.

Other tools are overpromising and underdelivering. They aren’t giving you the assurance you need.


You deserve to work with a reliable tool that will simplify your audit process.

Quality Testing

Quality Testing

Assurance doesn’t come from a checklist. It requires a diligent
examination from trusted cybersecurity experts. Be sure your assessment gives you the results you need by thoroughly testing your unique control environment in the OAM.

Interactive Platform

Compliance can’t be put on autopilot. With the Online Audit Manager, onsite visits, and direct communication with a dedicated team of security professionals, your KP assessment experience will make sure your assessment is worth it.

Experienced Auditors

Confidence comes from experience. Our auditors have been in the industry, in your exact positions, and are passionate about making sure your audit is successful and maybe even fun. And they have a lot of certifications.



Knowledge is power, and we want to empower you to reach your goals. Our auditors are committed to educating and empowering you throughout your engagement so you’ll gain assurance in your security program, and in yourself.

Guide to the OAM

You deserve a compliance tool that makes your life (and audit) easier.

The Online Audit Manager is the only tool you need to achieve your compliance goals.

Whether you’re ready to start your audit, need some help preparing, or just want to manage your compliance practices, the OAM will make sure you accomplish your compliance goals. Download our guide to learn how.

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In the OAM, you’ll have a partner guide you from audit readiness to final report so you get the assurance you deserve.

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Online Audit Manager

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You won’t need to work with anyone else to complete your audit. You can leverage the work you’ve already done in the OAM in your KirkpatrickPrice audit so that you can receive your report from the same place you’ve already started working.

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