Online Audit Manager

Finding a Better Way to Complete an Audit

The audit process can be long, tedious, and frustrating. At KirkpatrickPrice, we want to change that. Unlike audit firms who utilize outdated methods and are rushing to modernize, KirkpatrickPrice revolutionized the industry with the Online Audit Manager, a dynamic communication and cross-framework evidence gathering platform that tracks real-time progress to simplify current and future audits. Using the Online Audit Manager, your organization can complete 80% of the audit online, have access to thousands of resources that will help you understand the audit, communicate back-and-forth with an assigned audit team, and develop a historical record of how you meet compliance requirements.

Need to quickly find an answer to an audit question? Want to know how much more you have to complete for the audit? Need audit project management help? Want to build an answer bank for future audits? The Online Audit Manager can do all of this and more.

All-In-One Platform for Evidence Gathering

A main component of information security audits is gathering evidence related to your security controls and in-scope environment. How can you tackle this audit without the stress of project management, especially when some audits have hundreds of questions to answer? 

To simplify evidence gathering and avoid spreadsheets, back-and-forth emails, and poor organization, KirkpatrickPrice utilizes the Online Audit Manager. This platform is your all-in-one place for managing an audit. Your entire team will be able to upload documentation, assign and complete tasks, and track audit progress. About 80% of the audit is completed entirely online. Project management and accountability all lives in one place: the Online Audit Manager. Your job just got a lot easier!

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Learn Compliance Best Practices and Expectations

At KirkpatrickPrice, our passion for education and guidance extends into the Online Audit Manager.  When you engage in a project with us, you receive on-demand access to the thousands of exclusive resources housed in the Online Audit Manager. This library of resources will help your team develop policies, understand control requirements, and implement industry best practices that are relevant to each framework’s requirement. You’ll have thousands of dollars’ worth of information right at your fingertips.

It’s not just about the audit – it’s about your long-term security posture. Our resources aim to build success at your organization beyond the audit itself, from achieving business objectives to creating a culture of compliance.

The KirkpatrickPrice team was incredibly flexible and responsive, and the online portal is literally life-changing!

- United Systems and Software

The Online Audit Manager was a huge benefit, market differentiator, and certainly made my team’s life much easier to manage the volumes of audit documentation than without it. Saved me hours.

- OwnBackup

What used to be difficult has become easier…KirkpatrickPrice has made the audit process more efficient with the tools and partnership mentality that they bring to the table.

- Connectria

Direct Access for Communicating with Your Auditor

Auditing can be a complicated process if you don’t have a responsive, organized auditor. That’s why we created the Online Audit Manager with communication in mind. Our vision is for every client to have consistent, back-and-forth communication with their auditor. Don’t understand what a question means? Wondering if your documentation meets the requirement? Need an expert recommendation? Using the Online Audit Manager, you will have direct access to your auditor as well as audit support staff.

At KirkpatrickPrice, you don’t have to worry about confusing spreadsheets, long email threads, or not knowing where to go with a question. The Online Audit Manager is a 24/7 tool that your team can use to collaborate with your KirkpatrickPrice audit team. We’re here to guide you through every step of the audit and your ongoing compliance.

Receive a Report Written by Professionals and Year-Round Compliance Notifications

As soon as your audit report is ready, it is uploaded to the Online Audit Manger so that your team has an instant digital copy. Meeting your deadline is crucial to us, and the Online Audit Manager’s report delivery feature enables us to provide you with results in real-time.

The Online Audit Manager also provides a long-term, secure place to store audit reports and other deliverables that are produced throughout our partnership. It saves your gathered evidence like an answer bank for future audits with KirkpatrickPrice, which will save your team time and make the next audits even more efficient. As long as you partner with KirkpatrickPrice, the Online Audit Manager will notify your team members of audit requirements year-round to help you with continued compliance and prepare you for future engagements. All sensitive data stored in the Online Audit Manager, including your answers and audit reports, is protected by our thorough security measures.

Learn Why 1,000+ Businesses Trust KirkpatrickPrice

    The mission of the Online Audit Manager is to streamline audits so that organizations save time and money. We want to do that for you! Choose a time for a live demo to learn more about the Online Audit Manager and its capabilities. On a short call, we will cover:
    – How your current and future audits can be simplified
    – Customization features
    – Project management best practices
    – Compliance across multiple frameworks
    – Why the Online Audit Manager is the most valuable auditing platform on the market