Working at KirkpatrickPrice

We make sure audits are worth it, and maybe even fun!

Auditing doesn’t have to be boring!

This is our team: a lot of smiling, passionate people who want you to know that not all auditors are stuffy and boring. Whether they’re on site with a client or at a team sponsored event, KirkpatrickPrice employees always make sure to put a little fun in auditing.

We’re on a mission to take complicated audits and make them worth it.

We educate, empower, and inspire our clients to greater levels of assurance by partnering with them to achieve challenging compliance goals. Acknowledging God’s leading role, we strive to serve with innovation, integrity, gratitude, and the golden rule.

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The Golden Rule

We’re better together.

Even though our workforce is spread out over the world, we love the chance to be together.  Twice a year, we get together at a company-wide team meeting to review strategy, align on our company goals, and most importantly, enjoy reconnecting over a good meal together.


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Our process, experts, and experience make sure our clients receive the quality audit they deserve. Learn more about our audit process.

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