Security Awareness Training Tools You Need

Security Awareness Training Tools You Need

Security awareness is important. That’s not a new concept to anyone in IT or even employees who have had to complete some level of security awareness training. But, how can you ensure your security awareness training program is meeting industry standards? How can you get the most of out the training your employees complete? In […]

Remote Access Security Checklist

DNS Hijacking Threatens Remote Employees

In a recent discovery by Bitdefender, new router DNS (Domain Name System) hijacking attacks have been targeting home routers and redirecting victims to fake coronavirus pages. These attacks have focused on leading people to download applications that are infected with Oski malware. The malware has the ability to extract browser credentials, cryptocurrency wallet passwords, and […]

Business Continuity Plan Checklist

Business Continuity Plan Checklist

The world is full of expected events. You never know when your organization will be hit with a disaster. Developing a detailed business continuity plan (BCP) is the best way to prepare your organization to jump into action when disaster strikes. Every organization is different and will need a customized BCP that details their specific […]

HIPAA vs HITRUST CSF - Which One Should I Choose

HIPAA vs. HITRUST CSF: Which One Should I Choose?

Stolen medical records, research, prototypes, prescriptions, devices – there are so many ways that healthcare organizations can be compromised. Each of these risks threaten patient care in a different way, but they could each lead to life-or-death consequences. That is why it’s so important that healthcare organizations undergo the right type of information security audit […]

How to Write a Privacy Policy With 3 Sample References

How to Write a Privacy Policy (With 3 Sample References)

The Importance of Privacy Policies in Today’s Data-Centric Landscape It’s no secret that data is now the most valuable asset worldwide. With nearly all organizations relying on some form of data to fuel their business, consumers and policy makers have started highlighting the need to more transparent about how they collect, use, store, and transmit […]