Guide to Industry Accepted Hardening Standards

Guide to Industry-Accepted Hardening Standards

The goal of systems hardening is to further protect your organization by reducing vulnerabilities in your applications, systems, and information technology infrastructure. By doing so, you’re creating less opportunity for malicious attacks and operational malfunctions because you are removing unnecessary programs, applications, and access points that increase the security of your system. Just as removing […]

5 Network Monitoring Tools and Techniques

5 Network Monitoring Tools and Techniques

Network monitoring is an important piece of information security that every organization should be implementing. Using helpful network monitoring tools, you can track performance issues and security problems to mitigate potential issues quickly. But, with such a saturated market, it can be overwhelming to choose a network monitoring tool that best fits your organization. To […]

Anti Virus Best Practices - 5 Tools to Protect You

Anti-Virus Best Practices: 5 Tools to Protect You

Anti-virus versus anti-malware – what’s the difference? These two categories of protective tools are often misunderstood. It stems from confusion between viruses and malware. A virus is code that can damage your computer, system, and data by copying itself. Malware is used as a catch-all term for malicious software such as spyware, ransomware, trojans, adware, […]

Best Practices for Vulnerability Scanning

Best Practices for Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability management should be a priority in any organization’s information security program so that there’s an established approach for identifying and rating issues affecting in-scope systems in a given environment. Vulnerability scans are a main component of vulnerability management, allowing you to evaluate your systems, software, and infrastructure for unpatched holes and gaps in need […]

ISO 27001 Certification vs ISO 27001 Audit - What's the Difference?

ISO 27001 Certification vs. ISO 27001 Audit: What’s the Difference?

Do you want to demonstrate your commitment to security to global business partners? An ISO 27001 report provides organizations with an evolving ISMS that can adapt to new challenges and validates your commitment to security. It can also help you prioritize your information security budget and resources based on risk, because ISO 27001 is customized […]