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Secure Coding Best Practices

When you hire builders to construct a new home, you expect them to take every precaution to ensure once you move in, you won’t find split beams, foundational errors, or holes in the walls. In the same way, software developers are expected to uphold secure coding standards to ensure they aren’t leaving any vulnerabilities open […]

Security Within Your Development, Staging, and Production Environments

When information security, data security, and cybersecurity measures aren’t followed in development, staging, and production environments, the consequences can be detrimental. We’ve seen that time and time again. Last year, a bug bounty discovered a data breach at Imperva – a leading provider of firewall services. How did it happen? An unauthorized user stole an […]

What is a Secure Software Development Life Cycle

Have you ever worked on a project without clear direction or guidelines? It can be stressful and pointlessly chaotic. Without structure and task lists, what could have been a basic project turns into a mess of miscommunication. The same principle applies to software development management. In an age where software development is a core function […]

How to Build an IT Asset Management Plan

How you can best manage your data and assets in a time where information security threats are everywhere? What is asset management and where do you start with it? Let’s start with a basic definition. Asset management is properly defining and categorizing an organization’s assets. A well-developed asset management plan can help you make strategic […]

15 Must-Have Information Security Policies

What Information Security Policies Do You Need? Why do you need information security policies? What role do policies play in your organization’s security structure? You’re probably familiar with basic policies such as a Disaster Recovery Policy, Data Backup Policy, or Risk Assessment Policy, but there are other must-have information security policies that you should be […]