Business Continuity Plan Checklist

by Sarah Harvey / March 27th, 2020

The world is full of unexpected events. You never know when your organization will be hit with a disaster. Developing a detailed business continuity plan (BCP) is the best way to prepare your organization to jump into action when disaster strikes.

Every organization is different and will need a customized BCP that details their specific processes and procedures to implement in case of a disaster. What should you include in your business continuity plan?

A business continuity plan should include:
  • Document Control
  • Priorities & Responsibilities
  • Key Risks
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Emergency Recovery Process
  • Business Recovery Process
  • IT Business Continuity Plan
  • Emergency Delegations List
  • Contact Lists

Documenting and Testing Your Business Continuity Plan

After you’ve created the basics of your plan, you need to document all the procedures. This process is critical to ensure you restore all functions of your organization if and when a disaster occurs. Don’t just rely on imagined processes to get you through. You need to have detailed procedures written down so that everyone in your organization can refer to your plan when necessary.

How can you know if your business continuity plan will work when you need it most? You need to regularly test your BCP to ensure all employees are trained and all procedures will accomplish their intended goals. Once you test your plan, you can review it for gaps and improve it for future implementation.

How KirkpatrickPrice Can Help Develop a BCP

Our Information Security Auditors and Professional Writing Team have developed tools to provide customized help to organizations looking to further their business continuity plans. Whether you have yet to create a BCP or are just wanting an extra layer of assurance that it’s detailed enough, we are here to help.

KirkpatrickPrice offers services that help you start from scratch with an understanding of your organization and operations, tools to help you create a detailed plan, and experts to walk you through documentation. We encourage regular testing in various forms, such as table-top exercises. Let’s work on securing your organization in the event a disaster strikes.

For more information about how KirkpatrickPrice can assist you in meeting your compliance objectives, contact us today.