How to Get Started Using AWS Systmes Manager and SSM Agent

How to Get Started Using AWS Systems Manager and SSM Agent

Everyday system management tasks can be time consuming and get in the way of the efficiency of your business operations.   These tasks include  OS and software patching, script execution, and service maintenance windows.  Failure to complete these tasks can lead to non-compliance with information security regulations and standards.  AWS Systems Manager is a cloud […]

5 Questions to Ask WhenDeveloping a Cybersecurityand Compliance Plan

5 Questions to Ask When Developing a Cybersecurity and Compliance Plan

Last year, tens of billions of records were breached and tens of thousands of businesses suffered ransomware attacks. Every company operating in this dangerous environment should have a cybersecurity plan for keeping company and customer data safe—especially data within the scope of information security regulations and standards.   A cybersecurity plan outlines the policies and procedures […]

5 Reasons AWS Cloud HostingBenefits Your Business

5 Reasons AWS Cloud Hosting Benefits Your Business

Amazon Web Services (AWS)  and its peers in the cloud market have transformed infrastructure hosting for companies of all sizes.  However, making the move to the cloud can be intimidating and overwhelming, and it may seem more work than it’s worth.  So why has AWS cloud hosting proven to be so successful?   Having the first-mover […]

5 Steps To Implement GDPR Encryption Properly

5 Ways To Implement Compliant GDPR Encryption Processes

 The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) imposes security and privacy regulations that apply to businesses that store or process European Union residents’ personal data. It enacts a broad range of measures to give data subjects control over their data and protect them from unauthorized exposure.  Encryption is a vital aspect of obtaining GDPR compliance. Encryption […]

5 Cloud Compliance and Cloud Security Myths Examined

Cloud Compliance and Security: The Truth Behind 5 Cloud Computing Myths

Cloud computing myths have occupied the IT world since the cloud became a viable infrastructure hosting option a decade and a half ago. Those of us who worked in IT at the time remember the many misconceptions about what the cloud was and whether it was possible to host business-critical services in the cloud while […]