5 Security Awareness Training Tools You Need

by Sarah Harvey / April 6th, 2020

Security awareness is important. That’s not a new concept to anyone in IT or even employees who have had to complete some level of security awareness training. But, how can you ensure your security awareness training program is meeting industry standards? How can you get the most of out the training your employees complete? In a time where many people are transitioning to remote workplaces and work from home setups, how can you conduct security awareness training for remote employees? Let’s talk about the tools you need and how they can give your organization the upper hand it needs to combat security threats.

Why Security Awareness Training is Important

Shred-It’s 2019 Data Protection Report claims 47% of c-suite executives who reported a breach cited human error, employees, or insiders as the main cause. The realization that nearly half of these reported breaches were caused simply by error on the part of employees should encourage all organizations to implement effective security awareness training – especially with the looming threats that come with remote workplaces.

Additionally, to comply with PCI, SOC 2, HIPAA, and other regulations, security awareness training is required. The training you conduct should touch on topics like a clean desk policy, BYOD policy, data management, removable media, safe internet tips, physical security controls, phishing, social network threats, password security, social engineering, and malware.

5 Accessible Security Awareness Training Tools

You know you need to implement quality security awareness training, but how can your employees complete the training? Luckily, there are a number of great online resources you can use to ensure a high level of training. Without the need to have a physical training, you can conduct the annual online training for your remote employees conveniently. We’ve put together a list of 5 accessible security awareness tools you can use to conduct your own security training.

  1. Inspired eLearning: KirkpatrickPrice uses the capabilities of Inspired eLearning’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training to train our own employees, but also to help our clients. When you share a desire to engage in security awareness training with KirkpatrickPrice, you can expect us to utilize this thorough and effective online tool.
  2. SafeTitan: SafeTitan Security Awareness Training provides behaviour-driven security awareness training based on the specific behaviors of each individual employee. The tool provides an extensive library of training courses, videos, and quizzes to suit your learning style. Testing takes only 10 minutes ensuring employee productivity.
  3. Proofpoint: The interactive tools Proofpoint’s Security Awareness Training uses in its program allow for hands-on training that should prepare your employees to recognize various common security attacks.
  4. Enterprise Integration: EI’s Security Awareness Training is personalized to meet your training needs, whether you’re a small institute or a large company. This training tool could be the resource your organizational needs.
  5. KnowBe4: KnowBe4’s ASAP tool is an automated security awareness program builder which builds a customized training program for your organization. To develop a program that is built according to your specific requirements, KnowBe4’s tool provides actionable tasks, helpful tips, coursework suggestions, and a management calendar.

The online access to these security training resources makes the task of implementing regular security awareness training simple. While many of your employees are in a work from home atmosphere, now is the perfect time to focus on accessible security awareness training. Make sure your remote employees have the right tools to keep your organization secure.

How KirkpatrickPrice Can Help

KirkpatrickPrice offers various courses that touch on healthcare, privacy, security awareness, PCI, and general security training. These resources provide your organization with valuable tools to conduct thorough security awareness training for all employees, including those in remote workplaces. The value in purchasing these resources through KirkpatrickPrice is that you receive quality training tools from someone you trust. Whether you’re already in the process of completing an audit or just starting your compliance journey, security awareness training is a necessary step. Let us help you as you make sure your employees are up-to-date on security best practices. Contact us, today, to learn more about our security awareness training services.

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