Executive Insight into the Importance of Penetration Testing

by Sarah Harvey / October 10th, 2019

Getting the Most Out of Your Penetration Test

You’ve seen hacking portrayed in Hollywood films, but have you seen how hackers can be an ally in your fight for security? Ethical hacking plays a key role in identifying what malicious outsiders are planning against your organization’s sensitive assets. If you’ve been wondering about the trends in penetration testing and how other organizations utilize these tests to creatively improve security, download this full webinar to hear from KirkpatrickPrice’s President, Joseph Kirkpatrick, as he discusses creative approaches to penetration testing, how executives use penetration testing to evaluate security effectiveness, and how to overcome fears and misconceptions about penetration testing.

When organizations invest in penetration testing, they’re likely looking for a quality, thorough third party who is able to uncover vulnerabilities that their teams can’t or wouldn’t find and provide remediation strategies and guidance to improve security. In order to do so, though, penetration testers must go beyond routine approaches to ethical hacking, like walk throughs and merely passing reports presentations to committees, and instead employ creative methods, like advanced social engineering methodologies used by KirkpatrickPrice penetration testers.

For example, when KirkpatrickPrice penetration testers begin an engagement, they’ll be sure to do their due diligence when it comes to reconnaissance. Our pen testers will stimulate real-life hacks by:

  • Using online research via the Dark Web
  • Entering a physical location using methods like tailgating or copying badges
  • Using pre-text calling
  • Using spear-phishing

By employing such creative means to test an organization’s security, executives will gain a greater holistic insight into the security of their organization, and they’ll be better prepared and empowered to make decisions about improving the organization’s security hygiene.

Do you want to make sure your organization is getting the most out of your penetration testing results? Are you ready to learn how executives can use the findings of a penetration test to better improve organizational security hygiene? Watch the full webinar now or contact us today to speak to an Information Security Specialist.