Onsite Audits for Cloud Environments

by Sarah Harvey / October 17th, 2019

Why Onsite Audits are Necessary for Cloud Environments

Do you provide cloud solution services? Or, does your organization utilize the services of cloud providers? At KirkpatrickPrice, we understand that it’s important to recognize the value of cloud environments and technology, while also understanding the risk that is coupled with storing data in the cloud. Whether you provide the cloud service or use it for your business, you should know that the services are secure – and that includes auditing both the virtual and physical environments used to provide cloud services. In this webinar, KirkpatrickPrice Lead Practitioner, Mike Wise, discusses why onsite visits are the smart choice for cloud environments.

The assumption that everything is based in the cloud is simply not true. Not only is it inaccurate, it is harmful to an organization to believe an onsite analysis of its security controls is a waste of time. While your data may be stored in the cloud, your physical security processes, onsite technologies, and personnel who process the data are not in the cloud. Think about it: how many processes related to your cloud environment aren’t actually in the cloud? For example:

  • You can’t manage the cloud from the cloud. Who is responsible for managing it? Where does that oversight take place? How is it secured?
  • Development and DevOps activity don’t take place in the cloud. How do you ensure that the changes you’re making to your cloud environment are secure? Who is in charge of overseeing changes and implementation?
  • Human resources, onboarding, training, team meetings, stand-ups – they don’t take place in the cloud. How are you training your personnel about cloud security?
  • Governance and compliance don’t take place in the cloud. How could this impact the security of your cloud environment?

Overcoming the misconception that everything is in the cloud is necessary if you want to make sure that the cloud environment your organization uses is secure. To learn more about why onsite audits are necessary for cloud environments, about shifting the risk when migrating to the cloud, and about how different cloud models impact your security efforts, download the full webinar now or contact us today to speak to one of our cloud experts.