Think Like a Hacker: Common Vulnerabilities Found in Wireless Pen Tests

by Sarah Harvey / November 20th, 2019

Common Ways Wireless Devices, Applications, and Networks are Exploited

From hand-held wireless devices to wireless networks, your organization probably depends on the convenience and accessibility of wireless devices to conduct business – but wireless devices are just as likely as any other technology to be compromised by hackers. Do you know what vulnerabilities your wireless devices, applications, and networks are up against? In this short webinar, KirkpatrickPrice expert pen tester, Mark Manousogianis, discusses the most common vulnerabilities found in wireless applications and how pen testing can keep them secure.

Wireless devices were intended to make everyday life easier, but the vulnerabilities that persist within wireless devices, applications, and networks makes using such tools risky. Knowing the common ways wireless devices, applications, and networks are exploited, though, can give you the head start you need to prepare against advancing threats. When introducing any wireless device, application, or network to your environment, be wary of the following:

  • Default SSIDs and passwords
  • Access point where tampering can occur
  • Out-of-date firmware
  • Vulnerable wired equivalent privacy (WEP) protocols
  • WPA2 Krack vulnerability
  • WPS attacks
  • Rogue access points
  • Evil twins
  • Man-in-the-Middle attacks

Securing Wireless Technologies with Penetration Testing

There are many ways for malicious hackers to compromise wireless environments and the people who use them. Organizations would be wise to use strong protocols, implement and enforce strong password best practices, keep firmware updated, and educate users regularly on updates and vulnerabilities as baseline, proactive measures for securing wireless technologies. However, while these proactive steps can be used to secure your wireless devices, applications, and networks as much as possible, you will still never know how well they’ll stand against an attack until you’ve submitted them to penetration testing.

How sure are you that you have found all of the vulnerabilities in your wireless devices, applications, and networks? Could there be more you’re unaware of? Watch the full webinar now to learn about common vulnerabilities in wireless devices, applications, and networks or contact us today to speak to one of our Information Security Specialists about our wireless penetration testing services.