Meet the Auditors

Audits are hard. Veryl makes sure it’s worth it.

Veryl White

Information Security Auditor | CISSP, CISA, QSA, CRISC, CISM, CDPSE, MBA, GCED, GIAC Law of Data Security & Investigations, HITRUST Certified CSF Practitioner

Veryl has 25 years of IT experience and holds a MBA, plus CISSP, CRISC, and CISA certifications. Veryl has worked predominantly in the retail and financial services sector with an intense focus on information security. He considers himself an evangelist for information security because of his desire to educate people on the threats they face and empower them with the knowledge needed to deal with the challenges they will face today and in the future.

Veryl identifies with being more of a security, compliance, and privacy coach than an auditor. He enjoys assisting and educating individuals and organizations on how to protect themselves in the areas of security, compliance, and privacy.

His security journey began by removing viruses from a computer and reinstalling software for a friend of his mother who lived in a retirement community. His computer was always running slow or just stopped working. It didn’t take long before his weekends were filled exchanging tech services for cake in the retirement community.

This lead to Veryl holding computer awareness sessions in their community center to instruct them on how to protect themselves and keep me from doing tech support. Somehow word spread and he was soon providing awareness training for other adult communities, which transitioned to teaching at local colleges and universities at the undergraduate level. He would later go on to teach courses at the graduate level as an adjunct professor.

His teaching experience lead to assisting in the development of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) portion of the Florida’s Teacher Competency for the Florida Department of Education with a panel of state selected educators. After that, he was approached by the Florida Department of Education to participate as the subject matter expert (SME) to develop K-12 Information Technology and Cybersecurity curriculum.

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Meet the Auditors

Audits are hard. Tony makes sure it’s worth it.

Tony Melton

Information Security Auditor | CISSP, CISAK

While Tony has been in the cybersecurity industry for over twenty years, it wasn’t always his chosen field of employment. After graduating college, Tony came to the sobering conclusion that he still did not know what he wanted to do which led to working various temporary assignments until landing full-time position in desktop support. From there, Tony moved into WAN support where he supported routers and switches of various vendors. Eventually, he decided cybersecurity held his interest and he has worked almost every facet including support, project management, and now auditing.


Fun Fact

When my wife and I were trying to decide on our wedding day, it just so happened that the best available day was my birthday. I’m remember telling her that I was fine with that day if she was, but we could definitely go for another day so she wouldn’t feel our anniversary was being cheated. Secretly, I thought if we do get married on my birthday, I would never have a problem remembering my anniversary. We did get married on my birthday and almost twenty years later, I forget both my birthday and anniversary!

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Meet the Auditors

Audits are hard. Todd makes sure it’s worth it.

Todd Atnip

Director of Advisory Services | CISSP

Todd is a certified IT and Security Professional with 38 years of experience in multiple technology disciplines and industries. In addition to many years of hands-on and leadership experience in software development, networks, data management, and strategic consulting, Todd has more than 10 years of executive IT experience as a VP and CIO. Todd works with KirkpatrickPrice clients in an advisory role helping them build sustainable, best practice information security programs.

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Fun Fact

Todd is right-handed and left-footed.



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Meet the Auditors

Audits are hard. Suzette makes sure it’s worth it.

Suzette Corley

Privacy Practitioner | CIPM, CDPP

Suzette is a successful data privacy professional with extensive experience and a solid track record in GDPR, GLBA, FERPA, FCRA, ECPA, COPPA, CCPA, CPRA, CDPA, LGPD, CPA, VCDPA, and most recently UCPA. Suzette has demonstrated abilities defining data protection, driving policy development, and creating privacy governance routines and reporting, all of which improve her audit experience. She is also familiar with international laws related to business and privacy having spent three months on the ground in the UK leading the work to implement the GDPR control framework for that region.

While Suzette has built many programs to support data privacy, her passion is working with clients to incorporate these programs in a way that makes businesses more successful.

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Fun Fact

Suzette is related to Alexander Hamilton (yes, that A. Ham!) and loves historic architecture.


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