Prioritize Information Security 

by Tori Thurmond / May 30th, 2023

Often times, information security gets neglected in an organization because it’s something that’s hard to understand and feels like a hassle to deal with. Other priorities like financial, marketing and operational risk can feel more manageable than trying to understand the details of your organization’s security.  

However, if you’ve been following current events, you’ve probably noticed major data breaches and security events are becoming more frequent. Breaches are inevitable in today’s cybersecurity landscape, and if you’re not working to do everything you can to protect your organization’s data, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to threats that could cost your organization thousands, if not millions, of dollars and damage your reputation.  That’s why it’s important to move information security up on your list of priorities. Although security can be easy to forget when things are going well, the second something goes wrong, you’ll have to deal with all of the ramifications.

Don’t put your organization’s security on the backburner.  

We get it. Staying on top of your organization’s security is not only intimidating but also time consuming. Knowing where to start, what resources you need, and who to go to for help can feel overwhelming. Partner with KirkpatrickPrice to make sure you’re doing everything you can to protect your organization. You can stop putting security on the backburner and start prioritizing what matters most.