Considering an Audit Readiness Tool - 4 Questions to Ask

Considering an Audit Readiness Tool? 4 Questions to Ask

Using KirkpatrickPrice for Audit Readiness

We’ve seen more and more automated solutions and tools enter the market that promise easy and cheap compliance, no commitment, and expert guidance. Don’t be fooled, though! These audit prep solutions and tools are actually only promising one thing: readiness.

Unlike firms with automated solutions and tools that focus solely on audit readiness, KirkpatrickPrice provides a comprehensive audit experience. They cannot provide what you actually need, which is a reputable auditor to perform testing and deliver an audit report. At KirkpatrickPrice, we can take you from start to finish.

First, we’ll begin with readiness and remediation, then move into the audit, and finally, culminate with a high-quality audit report – all with expert auditor guidance along the way. Want to learn more about how KirkpatrickPrice’s readiness services can streamline your audit process? We’re ready to support your team in this compliance journey!

In order to debunk what readiness tools offer versus readiness options through your auditor, we recommend doing your due diligence and asking questions about the tools. Use this guide during your decision-making process!