3 Things You Can Do to Avoid Being the Next Anthem Headline

by Sarah Harvey / February 17th, 2015

The recent Anthem data breach is potentially the largest breach to date in the Healthcare space. When your CEO or your largest clients ask you what your plan is to prevent the same from happening to you, what are you going to tell them? Safeguarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is essential for avoiding a data breach. Here are three things you should do immediately to avoid a data breach:

  1. Advanced Penetration Testing – Performing an advanced external penetration test is a strategic approach to identify weaknesses in network and application security, as would a hacker. It is important to undergo regular penetration tests to maintain a secure network due to emerging vulnerabilities and find the gaps in your security before someone else does.
  2. Perform a Formal Risk Assessment – How will you know if you’re doing enough until you systematically identify the appropriate risks? An organized, written risk assessment will identify what you need to be doing and what you don’t need to be doing. The old adage is true; first make the plan, then work the plan.
  3. Assessment of all regulatory requirements for HIPAA – Perform a GAP Analysis against the HIPAA standards to see where you need to make remediations to strengthen your information security.

Take the appropriate steps within your organization to make sure a data breach doesn’t happen to you. KirkpatrickPrice is uniquely qualified to help with all of these. Call us today at 800-770-2701 for immediate assistance in preventing a data breach at your organization or contact us today.

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