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Achieving SOC 2 and HIPAA Compliance with the Online Audit Manager

by Sarah Harvey / February 14th, 2020

Multi-Audit Delivery for ProntoForms

Because of the complexity of today’s security threats, many organizations must pursue multiple compliance goals to protect their systems. Take ProntoForms, a low-code application platform that helps users deploy field apps to reliably complete field work and collect data that bolsters field service, fleet, safety, and asset management systems. ProntoForms’ users are often in environments with complex equipment and processes, like hospitals, construction sites, heavy manufacturing factories, and oil upstreaming sites. Because of the services they provide and the industries they serve, ProntoForms needed to gain a SOC 2 attestation and HIPAA compliance to demonstrate their due diligence.

When pursuing multiple compliance goals, it’s crucial to find an auditing firm that has the technology and expertise to not only streamline your process, but that also uses your resources in the most responsible way. At KirkpatrickPrice, we utilize our Online Audit Manager to do so. Let’s discuss the common challenges that come along with pursuing multiple compliance objectives and the solutions we provide.

The SOC 2 and HIPAA Journey

There’s always a fear of the unknown when approaching an audit for the first time – especially when you hope to do two at once. What will it entail? Will you pass? Can you even do two audits at the same time? When ProntoForms found KirkpatrickPrice, they were looking for a firm with the ability to perform a customized audit that would accommodate both SOC 2 and HIPAA audits. Since our partnership began in 2017, ProntoForms has utilized KirkpatrickPrice’s Online Audit Manager to undergo a customized, multi-audit process and successfully gain annual HIPAA compliance and SOC 2 attestations, including the expansion from SOC 2 Type I to Type II.

For a combined SOC 2 and HIPAA audit, the Online Audit Manager maps SOC 2 and HIPAA requirements and consolidates the questions so clients can see the project in front of them in a practical way. Glenn Chenier, Chief Product Officer at ProntoForms, said, “It didn’t feel like we were doing two audits, we just had a larger question set. Working in the portal and with an auditor helped us feel like we had a realistic expectation for the project size.” This is the exact mission of the Online Audit Manager – to make audits more approachable and empower your team to meet compliance obligations.

Using the Online Audit Manager

When an organization asks why they should partner with KirkpatrickPrice, the Online Audit Manager is impossible to ignore. When Joseph Kirkpatrick began his career in the information security industry, he noticed a major gap: a way to perform multiple audits through a single process. So, what did he do? He created the Online Audit Manager and KirkpatrickPrice was the first authorized company to provide multiple audits through an online portal process. If you’re wondering how you can meet all of your compliance goals, let us walk you through an Online Audit Manager demo and discuss your compliance plan. With KirkpatrickPrice, it may be more achievable than you think!

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