Mastering the PCI Audit Process Utilizing the Online Audit Manager Approach

by Sarah Harvey / October 31st, 2016

It’s no secret that the PCI Data Security Standard is one of the most robust information security standards that exists. With approximately 400 controls, understanding all of the ins and outs of the standard can cause quite the headache without the proper resources and expertise.

When selecting a third party Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) to perform your PCI audit, we recommend choosing an auditor that can help with readiness as well as perform your actual audit. Working with an auditor on the front end of the audit process can help you to identify any gaps in your current controls and processes, and allow you time to mitigate and make any recommended changes before being audited for PCI compliance. Partnering with your QSA can lead to a truly educational and successful PCI audit experience.

To help ease the burden of information security requirements, KirkpatrickPrice has developed an innovative tool, known as the Online Audit Manager, that helps to streamline the audit process. This unique online methodology can help save you time, resources, and the headache that comes along with strenuous audit requirements, such as PCI DSS.

The Online Audit Manager is a tool that was developed based on experienced information systems and senior-level security auditors’ expertise. The OAM connects you with your specialized auditor quickly, so you can begin to receive remote guidance early in the PCI audit process. Your experienced auditor will work with you while you upload necessary documentation to complete your PCI audit, enabling you to complete 80% of the audit before your auditor ever steps foot onsite. Within the Online Audit Manager are loads of free resources that are available to help you create the most effective policies and procedures, ensuring that you have the proper controls in place to demonstrate your PCI compliance. The Online Audit Manager also gives you the flexibility to work on your PCI audit as you have the time and be able to easily divvy up the workload amongst appropriate personnel. Throughout the PCI audit process, you will have created the perfect audit trail that will demonstrate how you continue to improve and mature your security practices.

If you’d like to experience a free demo of the Online Audit Manager, contact us today. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to see the Online Audit Manager that will help make your PCI audit process, well, manageable.


Our customers generally find that our approach is what sets us apart from anybody else that they might be talking to about their compliance needs. So, our approach is based on very experienced information systems and information security auditors, and also based heavily on an Online Audit Manager portal that is unique to KirkpatrickPrice.

What does that mean? The Online Audit Manager gives you the flexibility to work on your audit when you have the time to work on it, and to also connect you with our experienced auditors and then work through this process over a period of possibly several weeks, collecting the majority of that information before we actually come on site.

How does that help you? That helps you because now we’re able to spend a shorter time on sight, impacting your business even less than any other audit approach would.

Why do our customers choose us? Because we have a streamlined approach, we have efficient tools that create a great process and we have very experienced auditors to help them through their compliance needs.


For more information about how KirkpatrickPrice can assist you in meeting your compliance objectives, contact us today.

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