Experience Pays

by Tori Thurmond / April 4th, 2023

How an Experienced Audit Partner Actually Helps You Reach Your Security and Compliance Goals

With so many audit partners and compliance platforms on the market, it’s hard to know which one is right for your organization. One of the main factors to be considered when choosing an audit partner is their level of experience. How qualified is the firm to perform a thorough audit that will make sure that your organization is as secure as possible?  

We’ve compiled a list of three questions to ask yourself when evaluating the credentials of the different auditing partners you can choose for your next audit.  

1. What type of firm is the best?  

Choosing a licensed CPA firm may not seem like an important qualification when getting ready for your next audit. However, CPA firms are held to higher standards by peers and clients alike. Because CPA firms are required to meet education requirements and uphold a standard of ethics that other firms are not held to, choosing a licensed firm to perform your next audit will ensure that your compliance results will stand out against your competitors.  

When you partner with a licensed CPA firm, you can have even greater confidence in the protection of your data. Because licensed firms have agreed to follow a code of ethics, if your privacy is breached in any way, you have the ability to report this activity to the AICPA Board of Directors.  The firm would then have to report to the board to defend their actions, which can lead to a firm losing their licensure.  

Being held to these standards ensures that the firm you choose to partner with will protect your data or be held accountable to a higher power if they don’t.  Hiring a CPA firm that specializes in information security audits will provide an added level of security and assurance to your auditing process.  

At KirkpatrickPrice, we take pride in the high standards that our organization is held to so you can feel confident that your audit is secure and accurate. We understand that audits are intimidating and difficult, but if you’re going to go through with one, it should be worth it. What’s the point of going through the hassle of an audit just for your auditor to do the bare minimum and not hold themselves to the standard that you are paying for? We make sure that all of your efforts are rewarded and your compliance goals are met by the end of your audit.   

2. How much experience should your auditor have? 

It’s easier to trust people and organizations with experience. The longer someone has done something, the more time they’ve had to hone their skills, troubleshoot, and know what it takes to go above and beyond for their customers and clients. The same is true for information security auditors. 

Information security auditors should feel confident that they are delivering the best audit possible so you can feel secure and market your compliance to your clients. KirkpatrickPrice auditors have an average of 15-20 years of industry experience when they are hired. Our auditors have been in your shoes and are committed to helping you through a successful audit that you can be proud of.  

Because of their amount of industry experience, KirkpatrickPrice security professionals know what questions to ask, what documents to thoroughly review, and how to help you avoid mistakes that they’ve witnessed in the past. Many of our auditors worked as CISOs, CTOs, IT directors, and other similar positions before transitioning to an auditor role. They’ve sat in your seat before and know what it’s like to have to make important decisions regarding the compliance and security of an organization.  

KirkpatrickPrice has delivered over 10,000 audit reports to 1,200 clients worldwide in 17 years of business. Choose a partner who is able to use their years of experience to help you meet your compliance goals.  

3. What qualifications should your auditor possess?  

Sometimes it’s hard to find people who are passionate about their work, but what a huge difference it makes when you work with someone who loves what they do. While we don’t expect everyone to be excited about information security, we do think it’s important to have an auditing firm that is.  

Your auditor should be committed to constantly learning more about the industry and spreading that knowledge to members of your organization. At KirkpatrickPrice, not only are our auditors experienced but even after years in the industry, they continue to expand their cybersecurity and compliance knowledge by earning new certifications and staying up to date on old ones. KirkpatrickPrice security experts possess certifications such as CISSP, CISA, CISM, AWS SAA, OSCP, QSA, and many others. We believe that continuous learning is one of the best ways to serve our clients, making sure they get the best audit possible.  

With the knowledge KirkpatrickPrice auditors gain through industry research and earning certifications, they have a love for educating one another as well as their clients. Our auditors understand how confusing some information security topics can be, but their favorite part of an engagement is often the times they can take the time to answer client questions and explain how these complex processes work and why they are important to the audit. You may not fall in love with security, but you will be able to understand it. 

Our auditors also attend and speak at conferences like ISACA and ISSA chapters around the country, contributing to a nation-wide cybersecurity and compliance conversation. We want your audit to be a learning experience guided by certified security professionals who are passionate about helping you achieve your compliance goals.  

Choose the right firm the first time. Choose KirkpatrickPrice.  

Don’t waste time and money with a firm that doesn’t have the right experience to help you throughout your entire compliance journey. Make sure you’re looking for the right things when it comes to finding an audit partner for your next audit. Partner with KirkpatrickPrice to work with an experienced firm that delivers quality information security audits.  

Working with KirkpatrickPrice will give you access to certified security professionals who care about your compliance goals, hundreds of educational resources, and the confidence that comes with working alongside years of industry experience.

Connect with a KirkpatrickPrice security expert today to learn more.