Using the Online Audit Manager to Complete Multiple Audits

by Sarah Harvey / January 8th, 2020

Can You Complete Multiple Audits at One Time?

What do you do when you have multiple information security frameworks to comply with? Is there a guide on how to manage audit completion tasks? Are you able to consolidate multiple audits into one project? At KirkpatrickPrice, you are. We’ve developed the Online Audit Manager – an online audit delivery tool that maps the requirements of each framework to one another so that you can capitalize on your resources instead of answering the same question over and over again on separate audits. The Online Audit Manager enables us to combine multiple audits into one project, plus provide customized audits to meet your needs.

How Frameworks Map to One Another in the Online Audit Manager

When an organization is pursuing multiple compliance goals, it’s crucial to find an auditing firm who has the technology and expertise to not only streamline your process, but also use your resources in the most responsible way. We don’t want our clients answering the same question over and over again, wasting their time and becoming frustrated with the audit. Because the Online Audit Manager maps each framework’s controls and requirements to one another, we know which overlap and which don’t. This means that when there is overlap, auditors can use one answer to verify multiple controls.

Let’s take a look at some real examples.

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Empowering You to Meet Your Compliance Requirements

Tackling multiple audits can be daunting, but we believe that consolidating the questions that we ask clients to answer gives them a more practical view of the project in front of them. To our clients, it doesn’t feel like they’re completing multiple audits or managing multiple projects – they’re just answering a larger question set. This is the exact mission with the Online Audit Manager – to make audits more approachable and empower your team to meet your compliance obligations.

When Joseph Kirkpatrick began his career in the information security industry, he realized there wasn’t a way to perform multiple audits through a single process. The Online Audit Manager was his own vision for how an audit should be done – 80% online, with resources from us available along the way. Because of the Online Audit Manager, KirkpatrickPrice was the first authorized company to provide multiple audits through an online process. If you’re curious about our process, let us walk you through an Online Audit Manager demo and discuss your compliance goals. With KirkpatrickPrice, they may be more achievable than you think!

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