Using the Online Audit Manager to Complete Multiple Audits

by Abigail Raley / September 5th, 2023

When completing multiple audits, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. You want to make sure that you’re taking the necessary steps to succeed, but you find yourself answering the same questions across multiple audits, using compliance tools that aren’t actually helpful, and working with multiple firms to meet all of your security and compliance needs. You want a quality audit across multiple frameworks, for yourself or your clients’ peace of mind. You’re putting in the hard work, but the compliance tool you’re using doesn’t take your needs into account.  

Of course, you’re frustrated! All the time that you could be spending on important projects for your organization is wasted on repeating questions and tasks. Collated audit tasks would make your audit less overwhelming, allowing you to satisfy your clients and get back to business. But no other compliance tool offers you this capability. The tools you’re using weren’t created by people with your organization’s unique needs in mind, and the available features don’t take your valuable time into consideration.  

We at KirkpatrickPrice know that audits are hard, but we believe they should be worth it. Compliance tools can be costly, and when a tool isn’t manufactured by people that know what you need to be successful, they can feel like a waste. You deserve a compliance tool that saves you time, can handle multiple frameworks and integrations, and is manufactured by a licensed CPA firm with your needs in mind. Our Online Audit Manager (OAM) not only offers you the space to complete your audit in one organized platform, but it also takes into consideration what matters most to you: assurance, quality, and a streamlined process.  

When Joseph Kirkpatrick began his career in the information security industry, he realized there wasn’t a way to perform multiple audits through a single process. The Online Audit Manager was his vision for how an audit should be done – with a tool that brings you both technological innovation and direct interaction with a certified auditor. As the world’s first compliance platform, the OAM paved the way for other compliance tools, but it is still the only one that does it all.  

Guide to the OAM

You deserve a compliance tool that makes your life (and audit) easier.

Whether you’re ready to start your audit, need some help preparing, or just want to manage your compliance practices, the OAM will make sure you accomplish your compliance goals. Download our guide to learn how.

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Mapping Frameworks in the OAM

When pursuing multiple compliance goals, it’s crucial to find an auditing firm that has the technology to streamline your process and expertise to effectively test your unique environment. We believe that a quality audit is a combination of cutting-edge technology and expert guidance.  

Through the OAM’s mapping capabilities, you still get the reliable quality assurance of our expert auditors, while saving time through a sensible compliance tool, built for you and your needs. There’s no reason to answer the same question multiple times, taking up your time and resources . Our OAM can map over 50 frameworks, including:  

  • SOC 1  
  • SOC 2 
  • ISO 27001 
  • NIST  
  • HIPAA 
  • PCI 
  • and many more… 

Because multiple frameworks cover the same general topics, our experts know when questions and requirements overlap. Through the OAM, our experienced auditors track which questions remain unique to each framework, as well as which can be collated to avoid excess work.  

At KirkpatrickPrice, we believe that a quality audit not only includes innovative technology, but expertise from seasoned auditors that care about seeing you succeed. It’s important to remember that each framework is still its own unique entity, with its own specifications and requirements; our experts just know when and how to identify repeating information, saving you time.  

Through the OAM, we can track which questions apply to multiple frameworks, and so can you! By clicking on a question, you can see, listed below, all frameworks to which that question or task can be mapped. 

This feature gives you the assurance you deserve.  You can rest assured knowing that your audit process has been as streamlined as possible and that your compliance tool is actually working. Your auditor can review your completed watch that progress bar green! We’re committed to saving you time and getting you back to what you care about. We know that you have compliance goals to meet, and we want to use the OAM to empower you to meet those goals and fulfill your obligations, all at once. 

Audits are hard, but you don’t have to feel overwhelmed and frustrated by extraneous tasks. It feels good to know which questions apply to multiple frameworks; you now have the knowledge and insight to bring your audit goals into perspective. 

Empowering You to Meet Your Compliance Requirements

Tackling multiple audits can be daunting, but we believe that, by consolidating tasks, clients take on a more practical view of their project. One audit is overwhelming enough, but when facing down multiple, it’s especially important to keep your eyes on the prize. By consolidating your efforts over multiple frameworks, we lighten your workload, allowing you to keep the bigger picture in mind.  

Other compliance platforms are expensive, and their features don’t take into account simple things that will actually save you time in your day-to-day. We believe that, if you’re going to spend the money on a compliance tool, it should be quality. The details matter! Our platform has been developed by people that know what you need, who understand that saving you time is important. We’re committed to getting you an audit that not only allows you to get back to work, but makes you feel more  secure. If you’re going to sacrifice time and resources, you deserve a quality audit and a tool that doesn’t overcomplicate your life. 

See How the OAM Can Benefit Your Organization

To our clients, it doesn’t feel like they’re completing multiple audits or managing multiple projects – they’re just answering a larger question set. You don’t have to be overwhelmed by handling several frameworks, spread across different locations. In the OAM, everything you need is all in one place! Your security and compliance goals matters to us, and we want to see you attain the success that you deserve.  

This is the Online Audit Manager’s goal – to make audits more approachable and empower teams to meet compliance goals. But don’t wait! Your quality audit is within reach now. Schedule a demo today, and see how the OAM can make your organization unstoppable.  


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