Choosing a Higher Level of Assurance

by Joseph Kirkpatrick / July 19th, 2019

When a quality audit is performed by KirkpatrickPrice, there are many qualified experts behind the scenes completing the documentation review, project management, onsite visit, remediation efforts, report writing, and quality assurance. These security professionals work to provide the best assurance service possible to your organization. How exactly can you finish your audit process feeling assured and secure? You need to make sure you aren’t settling for anything less than a high quality audit.

The Professionals Behind a Quality Audit

At KirkpatrickPrice, we believe that it is our responsibility to provide a quality audit, performed by an expert Information Security Professional, in an appropriate timeline. To meet that goal, we have the following personnel working on each assurance engagement:

  • Audit Security Professional: From the first call you have with an Audit Support Professional, you can expect a well-informed and thorough experience.
  • Information Security Professional: The Information Security Professional assigned to complete your audit is a senior-level auditor with security certifications that speak the expertise of our firm.
  • Quality Assurance Expert: Our Quality Assurance team reviews testing results from our auditors to ensure detailed and accurate information has been gathered.
  • Professional Writer: The Professional Writers who assemble your report condense the audit information and test results into one document that is delivered directly into your hands.
  • Marketing Specialist: When you have completed your audit, our specialized Marketing Team presents your organization with a complimentary press kit to help you assure your clients, update your shareholders, and stand out among industry leaders.

Why do we do all this? To make sure each of our clients receives a quality audit.

Assurance KirkpatrickPrice Can Provide

The assurance you’re looking for when you begin an audit is an assurance only a high-quality auditing firm can provide. KirkpatrickPrice’s motto, “We Make Sure,” is evidence of our goal is to help you understand your internal controls and the security standards you are expected to meet. By the end of an audit process, you should be able to determine your level of compliance, understand the details of your security practices, and continue working to close any gaps within your organization.

Assurance gives your clients peace of mind. It provides you with the necessary tools to maintain compliance. It gives your shareholders something to lean on to prove the quality of your organization. When you choose KirkpatrickPrice, you’re choosing a higher level of assurance.

The Kirkpatrick family motto is “I make sure.” When I was a child, I didn’t exactly understand what that meant, but after we got into this business of assurance, I started to see how it relates to exactly what we do in our audits. Whenever we complete an audit, our clients are always asking us, “How did we do? Are we the worst you’ve ever seen? How do we compare against all of our peers that are out there? Are we meeting the standards that are expected of us?” That’s what a good audit should do. It should bring you a level of assurance so that you can understand that the controls you’ve designed and put into place are working the way that you intended them to work. It also tells you whether or not you’re meeting your compliance goals. A good audit also provides a level of assurance to your third parties, clients, and other stakeholders who want to know from a independent third-party source that there’s assurance you’re meeting the goals and you’re meeting the standards that they expect of you. That’s what a written report in your hand does for you at the end of the audit. It provides that assurance. You want to make sure that you’re working with an audit firm that makes sure.