Choosing the Right Audit Firm  

by Tori Thurmond / May 25th, 2023

Choosing the audit firm that’s right for your organization can feel overwhelming with all of the different options on the market. With firms promising different outcomes, timelines, and processes, knowing who to trust with your organization’s compliance can be difficult. A few things you can do to help decide what audit firm will be best at helping you reach your compliance goals are:  

  1. Check out their website.  

A firm’s website is a great place to find out what the company values are and if they match what you’re looking for in an audit. Are they preaching “fast and easy” or “thorough and quality”? 

  1. Look at references.  

Most likely, the references you’ll find on a firm’s website will be positive but look closely at the reason for that positive feedback. Are those the qualities you’re seeking in an audit firm?  

  1. Take a look at their LinkedIn profile. 

By looking at the employees of the audit firm, you can see what experience and qualifications they have. Are the auditors new to the industry or do they have years of experience and certifications that set them apart from other firms?  

Still have questions about choosing the firm that’s right for you? 

We know choosing the audit firm that’s right for you isn’t an easy process. At KirkpatrickPrice, we want to partner with you from audit readiness to final report.  

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