What Sets KirkpatrickPrice Auditors Apart?

by Hannah Grace Holladay / May 25th, 2023

When you’re wondering how to choose the right audit firm, it can be difficult to tell what sets each firm apart. At KirkpatrickPrice, it’s our experienced auditors.

Our auditors have years of industry experience, multiple certifications, and a passion for learning about information security best practices. Every auditor must have their CISSP certification when they are hired, but many auditors start with multiple certifications. They continue to pursue and achieve multiple certifications while working at KirkpatrickPrice in a pursuit of learning and bettering themselves so they can perform better audits. One of our auditors has 40+ certifications!

Our auditors have years of experience in the field as well that only strengthens the skills they’ve learned while gaining certifications. They have worked in a multitude of industries, like healthcare, technology, hospitality, government, construction, engineering, manufacturing, financial, and more. And when they worked in these industries, they went through compliance audits just like you, so they’ve been in your shoes and know how hard an audit can be. That’s why they’re so passionate about working with you to make sure your audit is worth it.

Choose the audit partner who will help you accomplish all of your security and compliance goals.

We know that audits are hard and overwhelming. That’s why we promise that when you work with KirkpatrickPrice, your audit will be worth it. We’ve issued over 20,000 reports to 1,200+ clients and have been able to give them the assurance they deserve. You deserve to be confident that your organization is ready to face today’s threats confidently.

Connect with one of our experts today to start your compliance journey with an experienced partner who will make sure you meet all of your security and compliance goals.