What to Expect from Your Audit

by Hannah Grace Holladay / May 26th, 2023

Starting your first audit can be intimidating. Our first-time audit clients often ask the same question: how does the audit process work? At KirkpatrickPrice, the audit process can be broken down into 5 steps:

1. Kickoff call

Every audit begins with a kickoff call. On this call, we will establish the timeline for the audit along with all audit objectives and expectations.

2. Document collection

After the audit begins, we will collect documents through the Online Audit Manager for your audit team to begin reviewing. This includes policies, procedures, inventories, asset lists, and diagrams.

3. Client visit week

Next, we will conduct an onsite visit at your office. This is one of our favorite weeks of the audit because we get to dive deep into your processes together. This is essential for understanding your environment and the unique controls needed to secure it.

4. Weekly evidence collection sessions

After the onsite visit, we’ll continue collecting evidence in weekly sessions. These sessions last for 4-6 weeks depending on your unique needs and audit type.

5. Report delivery and review process

Your audit will end with an expert report written by our in-house team of Professional Writers. You will be able to review the report and provide feedback before finalizing the report. Once your report is finalized, your audit journey will be complete.

To learn more about our audit process, watch the video below where Callie and Kyle dive deeper into the process:

Choose the audit partner who will help you accomplish all of your security and compliance goals.

We know that audits are hard and overwhelming. That’s why we promise that when you work with KirkpatrickPrice, your audit will be worth it. We’ve issued over 20,000 reports to 1,200+ clients and have been able to give them the assurance they deserve. You deserve to be confident that your organization is ready to face today’s threats confidently.

Connect with one of our experts today to start your compliance journey with an experienced partner who will make sure you meet all of your security and compliance goals.

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