Audits Are Hard, Period.

Audits Are Hard, Period.

We get it. Audits are hard. The audit process takes quite a deal of preparation, time, and concentration from your team. First-time audits can be scary and overwhelming. The list of tasks you have to complete seem daunting, especially when you think you’re doing it alone. That’s where KirkpatrickPrice comes in. We know audits are hard. We know your organization puts extra effort into becoming compliant and we want to help you. You’re never on this compliance journey alone.

Why is the Audit Process Hard?

The reality is, to fully meet the requirements of an audit, your organization has to put in the necessary time, effort, and preparation that compliance entails. For some organizations, there may be less difficulty depending on their level of compliance before an audit begins, experience with audits, and communication skills with an auditor. However, for most organizations, the difficulties that are coupled with an audit process are intimidating.

Your compliance journey is unique, therefore your audit process will be unique. When individuality enters an audit, the particulars of an audit change to meet an organization’s needs. That means no two audits are exactly the same. Every audit requires attention to detail, an understanding of all of your organization’s controls, and thorough answers to each of the auditor’s questions. Not to mention, your employees are still completing their daily workloads to keep your organization running. By adding the tasks of an audit process to that workload, you may feel that an audit is too difficult to tackle. It doesn’t have to be daunting when you have a high-quality auditing team guiding you through the process, though.

How Can KirkpatrickPrice Help You in Your Compliance Journey?

KirkpatrickPrice is dedicated to walking alongside organizations on their compliance journey. From start to finish, the audit process is simplified when organizations speak with our Audit Support Professionals and Information Security Specialists. While audits will always be hard, there are ways our auditing team can guide you through the daunting task list in front of you.

The first step in an audit is to understand the terminology and details included in an audit process. Your organization can look to Kirkpatrick’s blog for educational tools and find videos that walk you through the complicated specifics of an audit. During an audit process, you’re partnering with a senior-level auditor to ensure you understand your internal controls and procedures and are educated on the goals of your compliance journey.

Don’t shy away from the challenge of an audit. Face the hard parts of your compliance journey with KirkpatrickPrice leading you. Contact us today.


Sometimes when people ask why they should work with KirkpatrickPrice, I like to say it’s because we understand audits are hard. We are ready and prepared to stand beside you and help you defeat this challenging goal. Sometimes when companies contact us and say, “Oh, you won’t have any trouble with us. Everything should be really easy here,” we think maybe we’re not aligned with that company because we understand that audits are difficult. We have to roll up our sleeves and work together in order to accomplish the goal. In 2019, we’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of the landing on the moon. Kennedy said the reason we fly across the Atlantic, we scale Mt. Everest, and we strive for difficult missions is because they are hard. They’re not easy. We want to be involved in things that are difficult. That’s why we do what we do. We want to help you face this challenging goal and be successful in everything that you do when it comes to information security and compliance.