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Choosing an Audit Partner that Makes Sure

What does partnership look like when your organization is in the middle of an audit? When you choose a qualified audit firm to help you in your audit process, you are choosing a partner for an important compliance journey. How does the audit firm you choose support you? What practices does it implement that enable you to successfully complete your audit process? In what ways is an audit firm helping you on your compliance journey? Let’s look at the traits you should be considering when choosing a partner for your audit.

Can an Auditor Withdraw from an Audit?

When you choose an audit firm to start the audit process, you’re choosing a partner. You want an auditor who is highly experienced, can communicate well, and knows how to support your organization on its compliance journey.

How to Avoid a Never-Ending Audit

There are many decisions that organizations need to consider when choosing an audit firm, like cost, expertise, location, timeline, and audit process. You need to be confident in who’s performing your audit, especially in a clear, accurate audit process. If not, you’re risking a case of the never-ending audit.

How to Streamline the Audit Process

The audit process can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. When you hire an auditing firm to streamline the audit process, you avoid many of the unknowns that usually plague organizations on their compliance journeys. At KirkpatrickPrice, we use the Online Audit Manager to streamline the audit process and give you the assurance […]

Onsite Visits vs. Remote Audits

When you start an audit, you’re looking for a quality experience in a timely manner. One of the biggest aspects of an audit is the onsite visit – but what if an auditing firm that you’re considering working with offers to skip the onsite visit in order to deliver your report faster? What if they say your internal controls don’t require an onsite visit? What if you have an entirely virtual workforce, so you don’t even have a location for an onsite visit?