Be Prepared for Your Audit 

by Tori Thurmond / May 26th, 2023

We understand that you want to have a successful audit engagement whether it’s your first audit or you’ve been through a hundred. Clients often ask us how they can make sure that their audit will be successful. The best way to set yourself up for success in your next audit is to be prepared. As simple as that answer may sound, it’s the truth.  

When you understand what will be asked of you, the controls in your environment, and the scope of your engagement, you can better prepare for the testing that will occur during your audit.  Make sure to implement your controls throughout the year; run cloud scans and undergo risk assessment and policy reviews when needed; and stay up to date on any framework changes that apply to your organization.  

Set your organization up for success with KirkpatrickPrice. 

Whether you’re ready to start your audit today or you need some time to get ready, KirkpatrickPrice wants to partner with you from audit readiness to final report. Check out some of our audit readiness resources or connect with an expert to learn how you can be prepared for your next audit.