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SOC 2 Audit

SOC 2 audits attest to the compliance of your company’s services with the AICPA’s Trust Services Criteria: Security, Availability, Confidentiality, Processing Integrity, and Privacy. This independent SOC 2 audit give you a credible auditor’s opinion that your internal controls are in place and operating effectively.

Don’t waste time on an audit that 
leaves you feeling uncertain

What if your audit misses something critical that will surprise you later?

What if your client isn’t satisfied with your audit report?

What if your current auditor isn’t experienced enough to evaluate your advanced controls?

What if you can’t trust your audit?

We believe if you are going to do an audit, it should be worth it.

Quality Testing

Assurance doesn’t come from a checklist. Be sure your audit gives you the results you need by thoroughly testing your unique control environment.

Interactive Platform

Compliance can’t be put on autopilot. With the Online Audit Manager, onsite visits, and direct communication with a dedicated team of security professionals, your KirkpatrickPrice audit experience will make sure your audit is worth it.


Experienced Auditors

Confidence comes from experience. Our auditors have been in the industry, in your exact positions, and are passionate about making sure your audit is successful and maybe even fun. And they have a lot of certifications.


Hit Your Deadlines

On-time delivery… Everyone has different deadlines. Our process will make sure you meet yours.

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Cybersecurity is no longer a mystery

At KirkpatrickPrice, you’ll have a partner guide you from audit readiness to final report so you get the assurance you deserve.

Get Ready for your Audit

Whether you’ve never been through an audit or completed hundreds, our experts will prepare and empower you to successfully start and complete your audit. With access to our free compliance platform, you can watch videos, run security scans, see what you’re missing, prepare documentation, and get access to experts and resources. When you’re ready, you use the same platform to complete your audit. You don’t need additional tools or vendors to complete the audit.

Partner with an Expert

Our security experts have been in your shoes and know how overwhelming audits can be. Your dedicated specialist will walk you through the entire process from audit readiness to final report.

Show Off Your Report

Audits are complicated, but we make sure it’s worth it. By the end of the process, you will be proud of the work you did and know that it will make a difference in gaining new clients, staying compliant, and protecting your organization. Your professionally written report will give you usable information that is easy to understand and demonstrates your success to your clients.

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