The Importance of Quality Testing 

by Tori Thurmond / May 30th, 2023

What is quality testing and why is it so important during your audit? Many audits on the market test the bare minimum when it comes to compliance requirements for the different audit frameworks. While a regular audit may technically test what needs to be tested to check off a box, a quality audit makes sure that the controls in place are sufficient and consistently functioning the way they need to be to keep your organization compliant and secure.  

At KirkpatrickPrice, we believe in interviewing, reviewing and observing our clients’ controls. During an audit, our experts interview someone at the organization about the control, review the documentation where the control is listed, and observe the control in action. Not only will this quality testing help you feel confident in the work your organization is doing but it will also reassure your clients that they are doing business with someone who cares about their security as much as their own.  

Partner with KirkpatrickPrice for quality testing you can trust.  

We know choosing an audit partner can be overwhelming with all of the different firms to choose from. Here at KirkpatrickPrice, our auditors have an average of 25+ years of industry experience and are committed to quality testing that will set your organization apart from your competitors. Connect with one of our experts today to learn more about the testing we do to help you become unstoppable.